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October 24, 2013
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October 29, 2013
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Ballroom Dance Etiquette

One of the beautiful aspects of ballroom dancing is the way the dancers adhere to the following rules of etiquette.  If you are a new dancer, you may not be aware of such rules but they will soon become second nature.

  • Dances that travel around the floor, such as Foxtrot, Waltz or Tango, follow a counter-clockwise direction.  As we all move in the same direction our chances of colliding with another couple are reduced.
  • The edge of the dance floor is customarily used by more fast-paced dancers; slower dancers typically make their way around the floor in the inner lane. The center of the floor is used for couples not traveling or wishing to practice a particular movement.
  • Even with everyone moving in the same direction, collisions do occasionally happen – in that situation, offer a smile and a sincere apology, make sure that your partner is alright, then keep dancing!
  • It is acceptable for a dance invitation to be given by either gender and it is also perfectly acceptable to dance with someone besides your partner. In most studios, including Fred Astaire Cherry Hill, this is encouraged and you’ll soon appreciate the benefits of dancing with a variety of partners. Dancing with someone new will help improve the man’s leading skills and the woman’s following skills.
  • If you are asked to dance, it is considered polite to accept the invitation. However, it is reasonable to ask for a delay if you’ve just come off the floor from a fast-paced dance and need time to catch your breath.
  • When the music stops at the end of a dance, dancers applaud and thank each other.
  • Regardless of who asked for the dance, it is customary that the man return the woman to her seat once the dance has finished. It is then appropriate for both dancers to thank each other.
  • When dancing with someone less experienced than yourself, it’s expected that you will dance at their level, not yours.
  • Remember you’ll be in close contact with other people when you’re on the dance floor – be sure you’re fresh and clean and keep mints handy.

By showing politeness and consideration to one another, we create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in the ballroom. When you attend a Practice Party at Fred Astaire Cherry Hill, you will see our Instructors and your fellow students following these rules.  We encourage you to do the same.

If you have any questions about Ballroom Dance Etiquette, or any other aspect of dancing, feel free to call the Studio at (856) 770-4294 or contact us online.




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