Ballroom Dancing Burns Calories

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Ballroom Dancing Burns Calories

Ask any ballroom dancer and they will confirm that dancing is great for burning calories and losing inches.  If you have ever watched “Dancing With the Stars”, you will have seen several celebrities find that out for themselves.  The intensive training of DWTS allowed stars, including Kirstie Alley and Bristol Palin, to almost shrink before our eyes.  We won’t promise such dramatic results but, over time, with regular lessons and practice, you can also enjoy the weight loss benefits of dancing.

How many calories does ballroom dancing burn?

  • Slower dances, such as Foxtrot, Waltz, and Tango, will burn about 200 calories per hour (based on a 150 lb person).
  • Medium-to-fast dances, e.g, Hustle or Cha Cha can burn about 300 calories per hour.
  • Fast dances such as Jive and Salsa can burn up to 375 calories per hour.

When you enjoy a night out ballroom dancing, you will likely dance a variety of dances, which average out to about 275-300 calories per hour.  If you are at an event where a dance is 3 hours, then you may be able to burn off as much as 1,000 calories – in a single evening!  One Saturday night dance will give you a better work-out than a lot of people get in a full week.

Dancing is one of the most effective ways to burn calories.  And unlike going to a gym, ballroom dancing forces you to be social and provides you with a new circle of great friends.

So, why not get a jump-start on your New Year’s Resolutions with some dance classes at Storm Ballroom Dance Centre.  Starting now, before the Holidays, will help you get into that little black dress in time for your Holiday parties or allow you to indulge in all the turkey and stuffing with a lot less guilt.

To help you get started, Fred Astaire Cherry Hill invites you to try a Free Introductory Lesson.  To book yours, call Cherry Hill (856) 770-4294, Voorhees (856) 229-7733 or contact us online.


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